Saturday, 25 August 2012

Who Are Neihsial?


The Neihsial are one of the Hill Tribes living in different North Eastern parts of India and Burma. Like other hill tribes, the original genesis of the Neihsial cannot be traced effectively or produced genuinely due to the lack of conclusive historical records and evidence. The oral traditions are the only source of available information which has been handed down through generations.

According to Neihsial Custom Book published by Thuamlal Singto and Kaikhual Singto in the year 1948, the followngs are included into Neihsial :-
1) Aikhawh @Lutsing
2) Banlawng
3) Chiljang
4) Daalvung
5) Dawlbak
6) Engtheng
7) Haulai
8) Liangen @Lengen
9) Nunthuk
10) Santou
11) Tualkhen @Selngul
12) Singngil
13) Singtou
14) Sumngaak @Singlul
15) Thahgen
16) Thanhing
17) Thuknel
18) Tungling

If you belong to any of the above, you can called yourself NEIHSIAL.

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